The Company

Trefoil is a North American enterprise which can service both the US and Canadian market.

Trefoil Marine has developed state-of-the-art, high-performance and fuel-efficient multi-hull vessels with optional foam or inflatable collar or no collar at all. Trefoil Marine Limited utilizes a revolutionary proprietary multi-hull design that is a major breakthrough in marine technology.

Designed for versatility and modularity, Trefoil craft provide either center console or enclosed console options as a starting point, with full headroom cabins available on some models.

Trefoil has recently opened an office in Hamilton, Ontario to service the North American market.

The Products

The T30 Widebody, a broader beamed and slightly longer vessel at 30’ has a substantial open deck working area that is unprecedented in vessels of similar length. The vessel is well suited as a multi-purpose tender, as a research vessel or police, fire or other utility vessel. The T30 Widebody is particularly well suited for use a water taxi, given its wide beam, stable platform and easy access.


The Mission

The mission of Trefoil Marine Limited is to provide our customers with high quality dual and multi-hulled vessels that will meet their performance requirements within budgetary constraints that face our customers in today’s economic environment.

By standardizing the basic production of our vessel we will be in a position to provide modular configurations to our basic model that will meet the particular functional requirements of our varied customers.